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    How to deal with damp floor?

    In everyday life, we often spill water on the floor accidentally. Many people think that using a fan or air conditioning is the most effective way to dry the floor immediately. In fact, don't worry about it too much; as long as the amount of water is small, water will not penetrate into the floor. In this case, just use a dry cloth to wipe the moisture on the surface. The nature of wood is able to absorb the water on its surface without over-saturating. If you want to completely prevent timber flooring swelling from water, you can then vacuum the gap to suck the remaining moisture out. If the affected area is large, you can first wipe dry the floor; then close any doors and windows, set the air conditioning to the lowest temperature. This generally only takes about 1 day for it to dry out. If the floor surface grows a small amount of mildew from moisture, use diluted bleach to wipe it clean.

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