Winton Wood - Pinto


The founder of Pinto, Mr. Danny Chau became involved in the wood flooring industry through his friend, Mr. Pi Lao’s introduction in 1992. Since then, Mr. Chau has been providing colorful, creative and innovative wood flooring products for his customers.


Mr. Chau’s very first idea came from a beach dating; when an unknown artist invited him to paint on a tree trunk. During the process, he was surprised that different pigments gave out distinct visual effects on different wood grains. Therefore, Mr. Chau decided to set up a studio in his office to study the relationship between woods and paints. Due to his innovative and personalized idea, a lot of distributors were interested in collaboration; and looked for potential business opportunity.


Few years later, Mr. Chau was invited by Mr. Zbigniew Lacki and Mr. Ghegin to visit their countries and look for business improvement. He learned how to control and apply lacquer on unfinished wood floorings in Italy. Then he decided to import unfinished wood products from Poland and Italy to Hong Kong, where his company could fully customize its own products. This way, the cost was reduced which benefited his customers. Also, it improved the leading time and gave more flexibility of color choosing. And the most important thing is, this gave the industry a whole new perspective. To us, Pinto is not just a brand name; but also an attitude towards art and nature.


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