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    Wood Flooring Gradings

    When it comes to choosing a wood flooring, the wood used during manufacture is graded according to its surface appearance. This always makes confusion to customers, who often don’t know the difference between each grade or what each option brings to their interiors. In general, wood flooring can be classified into two main grades, which are prime and rustic grades.

    Prime Grade wood flooring is the highest grade available in the market. It is cut from the centre of the timber log, meaning the wood used is much more uniform in appearance and has very few knots. If the wood does have knots, then they are usually very small. Another feature of prime grade flooring is that the wood is low in sap content, usually no more than 5% of the plank. Lastly, when choosing a prime grade wood flooring, there will only be a relatively small amount of color variation in the timber itself.

    Rustic Grade is the lowest grade available for wood flooring. This grade of wood offers a wider color variation between planks and contains a higher quantity of knots of up to 35mm in size. Rustic grade wood flooring gives a more rustic, provincial timber feel. As with natural grade timber any holes or imperfections are filled using wood filler. The color of the filler is carefully selected to complement the wood rather than to match it exactly and it may vary from batch to batch, which again results in a smooth finish, but with a much more varied overall look between planks.

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