Wood flooring Hong Kong Factory 香港唯一

HandPrint Floor

手工地板一直堅持在香港進行加工,憑著二十多 年經驗,以精湛手工技術打造每塊都獨一無二的木地 板,改變了一般用機械製造木地板沉悶,淡的感覺,手 工地板更能突顯地板的紋理及浮雕等效果,令地板更 具藝術感。

Handprint Flooring has been insisting on processing in Hong Kong. We make every piece of wood flooring with exquisite handmade technology uniquely which changed the dull and insipid feeling of machinery made flooring with over 20 years experience. Our speciality in handmade flooring highlighted with brushing, texture and other effects has made the flooring more artistic.


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