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Your Peace of Mind

When purchasing a Harmony Timber floor we wish you many years of true enjoyment, part of this enjoyment is having the peace of mind that your floors come with surface and Suisse Répliques Montres france structural warranties. Please download your warranties below.


Care & Maintenance

You’ve just spent a lot of money on a beautiful new hardwood floor. Now care and protect your investment! Follow these few basic guidelines on how to clean hardwood floors and they will look new for many years to come. Please note: this information specifically applies to hard-wood flooring finished with a polyurethane coating. This is NOT appropriate for the older wax-based finishes!

Always vacuum or sweep the hardwood floor first to remove all traces of dust or abrasive residues before cleaning. The grit acts like sandpaper and will do more damage to the finish than years of clean walking.Spray lightly a proper hardwood floor cleaner on a small section of the floor or directly onto a terry cloth wood floor mop. DO NOT wet- mop the floor. This may leave puddles of water, that can leak down between the boards and cause the finish to lift cupping or warping. Wipe the floor with the mop, lengthwise with the floor strips using a back-and-forth motion. Finish one section before starting another one. Check to make sure no cleaner has been left on the floor, especially in the V-grooves.



As all designers know the quality is in the detail that’s why we at Harmony have designed a range of quality accessories to complement the design and feature of your new floor. If used correctly accessories can add to the overall aesthetics of a project by highlighting and framing transition points between construction materials and  Pas Cher Répliques Montres france drawing attention to the floor as a focal point.

We are also manufactures a range of underlay’s to suit every application. Harmony’s Acoustic Cork for optimum sound absorption or our Silent-Step High Density underlay for a firm even step. Harmony’s underlay might not be seen but you can be rest assured that quality always remains our main focus.

For further information please download the relevant brochures below.


Once you have chosen your flooring the procedures required for installation is dependant on the flooring type. For instance, some wood products need a certain degree of acclimatisation to the area where they will be installed. If the underlying floor is concrete, an underlay is required to moisture proof the floor to be placed above.

It is always better to get the floor installed by experts from a reputable timber flooring company, who have the right experience and technical know-how to deal with various issues that need to be taken care during the installation process.

For further reading we have provided a couple of download documents on the cheap fake watches installation procedures.

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