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    What might cause damage to wood flooring?

    1. Water

    Wood flooring is natural wood, when it makes contact with water; it might expands when exposed to moisture, wood will thus deformed and rot.

    2. Direct Sunlight

    Due to the nature of the wood itself, it is not preferable to make long-term exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light. Otherwise wood will appear to fade, or even deform. In order to prevent direct sunlight, using curtains could be a good way and solution.

    3. Heavy furniture

    Moving furniture, table, or wheel chair could easily make scratches to wood flooring, affecting its appearance and life expectancy. Therefore, moving furniture at home should be gently. Also, using furniture pads to minimize scratches and place protective mats in entryways to avoid tracking in dirt..

    4. Pests

    We ensure every wood flooring product passes the pests control, which deals with termites, as well as many other wood destroying organisms. But in case of any external factors which might attract pests; insecticide spray and regular oil care should be used, not only nourish the wood, but also prevent cracklings. 

    5. Chemical substances

    Hair dye, shoe polish and other solution on the wood floor is very difficult to remove. So please avoid the use of chemical substances to clean wood floorings. If wood flooring soaks too much chemical products, it can easily cause discoloration.

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