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    What causes the crackling sound?

    First, because of the uneven ground surface. Wood flooring installation nowadays (especially laminate flooring) generally use the most direct method which is simply lay the parquets on the ground. When walking on the surface, crackling sound is generated by the friction between parquets moving up and down. After a period of time and usage, consumers might think that the noise is caused by loose tongue and groove flooring, however; it is not. Some experts examine tongue and groove floor tile on a flat marble floor, and the result is: there is no sound no matter how they install and walk on the surface. The reason is that, in close contact with the base ground, the wood floor would not move up and down, or side to side. There is no relative movement between parquet and parquet, therefore; crackling sound does not exist. In order to solve this problem, we must ensure that the ground is flat, its flatness should be less than 3mm/2000mm. One of the best ways is to install wood keel underneath. Another way is to increase the thickness of the wood floor. 12mm laminate flooring produces way less nice than 8mm laminate flooring.

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